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Lost and Found in Translation
Did Putin threaten to castrate a journalist? And why it matters to get it right. By Peter Rutland


November 8

Macedonian Youngsters Making Hay From U.S. Elections
Some Americans voting today to choose their next president may have been influenced by teenaged entrepreneurs in faraway Macedonia.

Poland’s Symbolic Temple Complex to Open on Independence Day
Complex reflects the close ties between religion and politics, two centuries after it was first planned.

Saakashvili Quits, Blasts Ukraine’s Entrenched Corruption
The ex-Georgian president’s resignation from his Ukrainian post marks the end of a bold experiment to end the country’s reputation as a hotbed of graft.

Presidential Race Underlines Bulgaria’s East-West Divide
‘We lost a lot by more or less declaring Russia our enemy,’ says front-runner in contest to replace pro-Western head of state Plevneliev.

November 7

Russia Denies Role in Plot Against Montenegrin Premier
Podgorica says ‘Russian nationalists’ masterminded an election day conspiracy aimed at removing the pro-Western prime minister.

Words Fly Over Controversial Moscow Statue
Religious leader Vladimir honored, revolution ignored at the Kremlin as Kyiv accuses Russia of poaching its history.

Sneak Peeks at Russia’s New Crimean Bases
Ukraine fears that the new facilities and restored Soviet installations on the peninsula pose a growing security threat.


Not Exactly Friends of Greece
After a sometimes-traumatic transition, then austerity, post-communist countries especially have lost patience with Athens.
By Martin Ehl

Good Night and Goodbye? Not This Time
The Syrian refugee crisis may force the Czech government and most citizens to rethink their ‘Who, us?’ stance on migration. 
By Katerina Safarikova

Tarnishing the Family Silver
The descendants of Russia’s literary pantheon have a cringe-worthy, boot-licking session with Putin.
By Galina Stolyarova

Trump Aides Lobbied Covertly Against Release of Yulia Tymoshenko From Jail
Consulting firm run by Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, reportedly tried to undercut support for the imprisoned Ukrainian politician.