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Around the Bloc: Armenia’s Year of Living Differently. Much has changed since a crop of young reformers vaulted to power in Yerevan. Not always for the better, government critics are saying. 

Around the Bloc: Balkan ISIS Families Trapped in Syrian Camps
Kosovo brings home 110 women and children but dozens more may be stuck in limbo.
25 April 2019

Around the Bloc: Ukraine Condemns Putin’s Donbas Citizenship Offer
Kremlin move could deflect new Ukrainian president’s calls for face to face peace talks.
25 April 2019

Around the Bloc: Grassroots Campaign Reverses Tajik Internet Price Hike
Authorities seemed taken aback by unprecedented outcry from the usually quiescent public.
25 April 2019

Around the Bloc: Anti-Semitic Incidents on the Rise in Romania
Head of Bucharest Muncipality Museum published an article criticized for its anti-Semitic tone, weeks after vandals damaged a Jewish cemetery.
24 April 2019

Around the Bloc: Uber Rival Rebrands, Expands to New Markets in Europe and Africa
Estonian start-up Bolt, formerly known as Taxify, has been winning the battle of attrition with other ride-sharing apps
24 April 2019

Around the Bloc: Moscow Extends Cautious Welcome to Ukraine’s President-Elect
Few in Russian political circles will lose any sleep over incumbent Petro Poroshenko’s humiliating defeat.
23 April 2019

Around the Bloc: Georgian Mountaineers Brawl With Police Over Dam Plan
Authorities want to exploit Caucasus gorge’s hydropower potential but face growing local opposition.
23 April 2019

Environment: Looming Danger
Lake Baikal is an incredible ecosystem threatened by a Mongolian dam and pipeline. From The Conversation.
22 April 2019

Around the Bloc: The Attempted Telegram Ban – One Year Later
The channels of this popular messaging app became the go-to place for Russian political gossip and leaks – and a threat to Vladimir Putin.
19 April 2019

Around the Bloc: Gazprom Ends Boycott of Turkmen Gas
Though modest, the deal brings a rare ray of hope for Turkmenistan’s shrinking state finances.
18 April 2019

Around the Bloc: Russian Death Squad in Custody, Ukraine Spy Chief Claims
Dramatic announcement could boost Petro Poroshenko’s standing days before the presidential runoff.
18 April 2019

Middle Europa: A Tale of Two Summits
China’s meetup with Central and East European countries was a stark contrast to the earlier EU-China event.
17 April 2019

Around the Bloc: Romania Read the Riot Act
European Commission makes clear that time is running out before severe consequences, including suspension of voting rights.
17 April 2019

Around the Bloc: Confusion in Bishkek as President’s Rival Cancels Homecoming
Omurbek Babanov earlier said he would address supporters in mass rally despite the charges against him.
16 April 2019

Around the Bloc: Mirjana Markovic, Milosevic’s Partner in Life and Power, Dies at 76
Slobodan Milosevic’s widow wielded great influence in her own right and faced allegations of complicity in liquidating his critics.
16 April 2019

Around the Bloc: Poroshenko Doubles Down on Zelenskiy ‘Puppet’ Claim
The challenger is far ahead in the polls but his isolation from the public he claims to serve may prove his undoing.
16 April 2019


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Central Europe Picks up the Pace of Arms Race
Billion-dollar purchases are escalating, and not all of the added value is military-related.
30 January 2019

Loosening a Tyrant’s Grasp
Ten years ago, a historian laid out the West’s, and Serbia’s, options for ridding themselves of Slobodan Milosevic.
4 October 2010

If We Can’t Stop Rap, We Must Control It: Putin
Why are Russian musicians being harassed and threatened?
17 December 2018