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A Healthy Future?
A team of photographers will soon set off to find out if Soviet-era sanatoriums can survive the modern age.
By Allison Tretina


April 4
10 Arrested in Multi-Million Dollar Bosnian Bank Scam
Clients of defunct Bobar Banka risked losing millions of dollars’ worth of deposits.

New Clashes Break Out in Karabakh
Three Azerbaijani soldiers reported dead as fighting resumes after a day of relative calm.

Poles Protest Against Abortion Ban
Government backs Church proposal to tighten restrictions on terminating pregnancy, already among the strictest in Europe.

Putin Caught Up in Panama Papers Leak
Russian president is among dozens of world leaders, top officials, and celebrities mentioned in ‘biggest financial leak in history.’

Turkmenistan Shows Off New Chinese Missile System
Development could be a sign of shifting balance of power in Central Asia.

April 5
Dutch Referendum to Set Course for EU-Ukraine Ties
Rejection will give a boost to growing euroskeptic, isolationist movements across Europe, analysts say.

Moscow Pushes Back in Wake of ‘Panama Papers’ Leak
Putin spokesman accuses CIA, State Department of organizing massive leak of company documents.

Baku Threatens to Shell Karabakh Capital
Unverified reports speak of drone strikes, hundreds of ‘neutralized’ troops.


Week in Review: The Sea of Choice
A Dutch abortion clinic sails to Poland, enflaming anti-EU passions.
By Wojciech Kosc

Pulling the Plug on Corruption
The international community purges Bosnia’s state-owned electricity company after uncovering billion-dollar scandals.
By Anes Alic

The Endless Ping-Pong of Accusations Over Karabakh
Old wounds remain open decades after the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan began.
By Evgeny Deulin

The Left Versus the Church
The SLD takes on the Polish Catholic Church on abortion and church funding.
By Jakub Jedras