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The Victory of Abortion Rights Protesters in Poland Is Likely to Be Short-Lived
Despite the apparent victory of protesters in early October and new demonstrations that broke out yesterday, it remains likely that the  government will still push for new restrictions on abortion. From EUROPP.
By Magdalena Mikulak


October 28

Zeman’s Revenge?
The Czech president is accused of denying a Holocaust survivor a medal of honor because of internal disputes about Czech-Chinese relations.

Warsaw Refuses to Bow to Brussels
Poland stands its ground as EC deadline for legal system overhaul expires.

October 27

Bulgaria to Pay Russia Over 600 Million Euros for Belene
Settlement is the latest turn of events concerning the fate of cancelled nuclear power plant.

Barbed Wire Is the Tie That Binds Belarus and Russia
Anonymous artist makes a pointed addition to a Minsk mural symbolizing the city’s friendship with Moscow.

Slovakia Bans Anti-Roma Vigilante Patrols on Trains
Despite the new legislation, far-right party said it would not relent, and would even extend patrols to new regions.

October 26

Croats, Slovaks Biggest “Mama’s Boys” in EU
Young people from EU’s southeastern countries live with parents longest in the EU, while young Balts and Central Europeans leave home earlier.

Roma on Display in Lithuania
A local entertainment agency offers “extreme” tours of a Vilnius Roma settlement, and the authorities seem powerless to stop it. From


Bulgaria May Join Iran-Led Transport Corridor
Talks to continue on possible Iranian purchase of Russian-made equipment for a defunct Bulgarian nuclear plant.

The Prankster of the Belarusian Opposition
Paval Vinahradau has devoted most of his young life to challenging ‘Europe’s last dictatorship.

Who’s Afraid of Big, Bad Jaroslaw?
We shouldn’t be so quick to describe Poland’s new government as a ‘threat to democracy.

Vigilante Patrols on Slovak Trains Face Legal Ban
Draft law would prohibit patrols like those run by a far-right party claiming to protect citizens where authorities fail to do so.