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Columns: From Ecology to Tolerance: Breaking Ice on the Dniester
With practically no official contact between Moldova and Transdniester, both sides quietly work with civil society to rebuild trust. 
21 March 2019

Around the Bloc: The Serbian Connection to South Africa’s Underworld
A suspected mob hit in Johannesburg targets a man linked to the convicted killer of a Serbian warlord.
21 March 2019

Around the Bloc: Taliban Releases Afghan Fighters Captured on Turkmen Border
One hundred Afghan troops reportedly fled into Turkmenistan as militants delivered a major blow.
21 March 2019

Around the Bloc: Where to, for Millennial Migrants? Prague?
Despite threats to free movement across Europe, there are still cities for European millennials to consider moving to, and Prague ranks second.
20 March 2019

Around the Bloc: After Nazarbaev’s Resignation, Kazakhstan Wonders What’s Next
While the region’s last Soviet-era leader may no longer be president, analysts speculate that his presence will still be felt.
20 March 2019

Around the Bloc: Romania’s Antiquated Road System Gets One Meter Longer
A fast-food chain owner opened a road to nowhere in a bid to jumpstart the country’s flagging highway construction program.
20 March 2019

Around the Bloc: Protests Mount Against Serbia’s Vucic
Some observers claim far-right groups are taking a bigger role in the anti-government coalition.
19 March 2019

Around the Bloc: Kyrgyz-Tajik Border Clash Resolved
Disputes over water use in area bordering the Ferghana Valley underlie regular incidents around Tajik exclave.
19 March 2019

Around the Bloc: Long-Distance Hatred: How the NZ Massacre Echoed Balkan War Crimes
It was no mere coincidence that the terrorist behind last week’s attack on two mosques in New Zealand made explicit references to the Bosnian Serb leaders and the Bosnian War.
19 March 2019


A Master of Deception
Donald Trump may be the leader of the free world in spreading “alternative facts,” but Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic continues to vie for the Balkan crown.
24 December 2018

Belgrade-Sarajevo Highway Hits Snags
Bosnia’s two entities cannot agree on route, placing political considerations above cost efficiency matters.
3 November 2017