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The Victory of Abortion Rights Protesters in Poland Is Likely to Be Short-Lived
Despite the apparent victory of protesters in early October and new demonstrations that broke out yesterday, it remains likely that the  government will still push for new restrictions on abortion. From EUROPP.
By Magdalena Mikulak


October 25

Kyrgyzstan’s Ruling Coalition Collapses
President’s party quits majority coalition over partners’ refusal to support constitutional amendments.

NGOs: Reject Russia’s Bid to Join UN Human Rights Body
Russia’s role in Syria should disqualify it from representing Eastern Europe at the world’s foremost human rights body, global NGOs say.

Uphill Climb to Gift Highest Peak to Latvia
Former Latvian refugee hopes to give country’s highest peak to the state for its 100th anniversary, but has met with legal roadblocks.

Belarus to Host Second Edition of European Game
Denmark cries foul as Baku, the games’ first host, passes the torch to Minsk, the only candidate for the 2019 competition.

October 24

Romanian President Under Fire for Advocating Tolerance
Gay marriage opponents and the Orthodox Church target Klaus Iohannis, days ahead of a landmark ruling on same-sex marriages.

UK Anti-Muslim Crusader Patrols with Bulgarian Anti-Refugee Militia
Britain First founder Jim Dowson filmed with ‘Shipka’ Bulgarian National Movement as they hunt down asylum seekers.

A Shocker in Lithuania
Voters hand victory to a party that previously held just one seat in parliament.


Lithuania: Image Breakers
A small group of Iraqis is changing perceptions of ‘the other’ in a country that has accepted only a handful of asylum seekers.
By Linas Jegelevicius

The Human Factor in the Floods: The Curse of Poverty or State of Mind
More than a year after the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina the questions are being asked whether the human factor has contributed to the devastation. 
By A.P.

Life with Fico
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico won parliamentary elections this past weekend, though he will have a tougher time than expected forming a stable coalition. How did he win again? From Respekt.
By Martin M. Simecka

Coming Home to Rus’
A new book sheds light on the historical origins of the deadly farce playing out in the Donbas.
By Violeta Davoliute