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Putin and the West: What Next?
Just when relations between Russia and the West seemed to have reached an all-time low, things have taken a turn for the worse this fall.
By Peter Rutland

The Region That Did Not Win
How Bulgaria’s UN campaign sheds some light on Eastern Europe’s problems
By Boyko Vassilev

It’s the Economy, Stupid!
Poland and Hungary’s cultural counter-revolution follows naturally from the region’s economic and political developments.
By Martin Ehl


October 18

How Hungary and Poland Have Silenced Women and Stifled Human Rights
In the women’s movement in Central Europe, there are few moments to celebrate. 
By Andrea Peto and Weronika Grzebalska

HRW: Death of Turkmen Dissident Journalist’s Brother ‘Suspicious’
Chary Annamuradov’s last living brother was kidnapped and beaten to death last month; three others had already died suspicious deaths.

Latvian School Fights for Right to Serve Vegetarian Lunches
A school in Latvia is going to court over a prohibition against serving vegetarian-only meals to its students.

British Bank Closes Russian Broadcaster RT Accounts
UK government denies any role in NatWest’s unexplained move to close the Kremlin’s English-language mouthpiece.

October 17

Estonian Art Exhibit Causes Uproar
New museum reacts to criticism from religious groups and others, removing offending part and calling this a learning experience.

Prague’s Festival of Lights
The popular event draws crowds and again amazes with installations around the Czech capital.

Near Win for Pro-Western Party in Montenegro
But in a race billed by some as East vs. West, prime minister’s party comes up short of a majority and must negotiate to form coalition.


What Russian Students Learn About Russia’s Enemies
Warmed-over conspiracy theories and the battle of ideas. From openDemocracy.
By Serghei Golunov

A Practically Useless Curriculum
When it comes to real-world problem-solving, Romania’s private schools leave their public counterparts behind.
By Zsofia Kelemen

Red Legacy
Almost five years after toxic sludge flooded Devecser, the town is thriving – but worries remain about similar industrial waste sites around Hungary.
By Daniele Bassi

In (Russian) News We Trust?
We are fighting the information war with rusty weapons.
By Martin Ehl