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Not-So-Phantom Menace
Reporters Without Borders warns of increasing oligarch control over the media and the effect that is having on journalism in Eastern Europe and beyond.
By Peter Gross

A Referendum on Fear
On Sunday, Hungarians will express just how much they fear an influx of refugees.
By Martin Ehl


October 6

Albania Gets Set for Second-Ever Royal Wedding
Communists labelled King Zog a traitor and erased the royal family from the history books; monarchists see Prince Leka II’s upcoming marriage as an important symbol.

Russian ‘Foreign Agent’ NGO Fights Back
Human rights organization Memorial says it will continue its work, even if the damaging label of “foreign agent” sticks.

Migrants Stage Protest March to Hungary
Hundreds of people stuck in Serbia in overcrowded camps or sleeping rough set off toward Budapest  to demand borders be opened.

October 5

Bulgaria Bans the Burqa
Bulgarian lawmakers ban women from wearing the burqa and niqab in public; those who do will be fined and lose their social benefits.

Kyrgyzstan Retries Ethnic Uzbek Activist
UN says Azimjan Askarov, jailed for life in 2010 for stirring up ethnic hatred left 450 people dead, was tortured and denied a fair trial.

Detained Ukrainian Journalist Could Face 20 Years for ‘Spying’
Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry said Roman Sushchenko’s “illegal” arrest and treatment shows Moscow is waging war “against the entire democratic world.”


Mysterious Mosques and Schools
The Saudi foundation Al Waqf-Al Islami has built several mosques in Bulgaria, but the Islamic community is tight-lipped about its links with the elusive organization, which has been linked to Al Qaeda.
By Yana Buhrer Tavanier

Russian Royals to Get ‘Game of Thrones’ Treatment
Russian producers plan 144-episode TV series on the rise, glory, and bloody downfall of the House of Romanov.

Russia Clamping Down on ‘Foreign Agents’
New Justice Ministry report says illegal for foreign-funded NGOs even to criticize the country’s leaders or discredit government policies.

Activist in Kyrgyzstan Will be Retried
Azimjan Askarov was among the ethnic Uzbeks sent to prison for allegedly fomenting fierce ethnic clashes in 2010.


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