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Around the Bloc: Uzbekistan Bond Sale Off to Good Start 
Following a trail blazed by Tajikistan, Tashkent has the advantage of a more open economy.
18 February 2019

Around the Bloc: Ukraine Strips Russian-Aligned Bishop of Citizenship 
The harsh action against an intransigent cleric moves a religious dispute squarely into the political arena.
18 February 2019

Around the Bloc: Central European Summit in Jerusalem Called Off
Benjamin Netanyahu hoped to cement ties with fellow nationalists, boost campaign for European recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
18 February 2019

Around the Bloc: Moscow Region Is Election Fraud Hotspot, Observers Say
Independent poll watchers uncover evidence of ballot stuffing, multiple voting, and inflated turnout figures in last year’s gubernatorial votes.
15 February 2019

Around the Bloc: Belarusian Editor’s Trial Under Scrutiny
After a period of relative calm, the Lukashenka regime is again making life extremely difficult for independent journalists.
15 February 2019

Column: Kaczynski’s Risky Road Ahead 
Poland’s governing party and its leader seem little affected by mounting scandals, but it’s a big chance to take that the situation will continue.
15 February 2019

Around the Bloc: Facebook Enters Moldovan Electoral Fray
Ruling party, opposition clash over social media giant’s allegations of government involvement in misleading political posts.
15 February 2019


Voting for Change
With only a few months to go until parliamentary elections, former presidential candidate Maia Sandu says the time is now to save Moldova’s democracy.
21 December 2018

In Kaliningrad, You Kant Go Home Again
Many in Russia’s westernmost region would prefer to forget its long history as part of Germany.
18 December 2018