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Columns: Turkmenistan May Boost Size of Army: Report
The neutral Central Asian state rarely comments on reports of tension along its border with Afghanistan.
17 January 2019

Around the Bloc: Oligarch Akhmetov Denies Manafort Gave Him U.S. Polling Data 
Russia probe chief Mueller gives details of Manafort’s dealings with Russian, Ukrainian figures during Trump campaign.
17 January 2019

Around the Bloc: Serbia Lays Out the Red Carpet for Putin
‘When I say yes to President Putin, then we do it,’ Serbian president boasts.
17 January 2019

Media: Serbia: Reality Wonderland
Choose one: Reality shows in Serbia are a) tasteless; b) very profitable; c) platforms for hate speech; d) all of the above.
16 January 2019

Around the Bloc: Czechs Mark 50 Years Since Dissident Student’s Self-Immolation
Jan Palach served as an inspiration for the protests that led to the 1989 Velvet Revolution.
16 January 2019

Around the Bloc: Macedonian Lawmakers Ratify Name Change
Greek parliament could follow suit within days if the government wins tomorrow’s confidence vote.
15 January 2019

Around the Bloc: Liberal Leader’s Slaying Jolts Poland 
Public figures say the heated political climate in the country was a factor in the murder of the Gdansk mayor.
15 January 2019

Around the Bloc: As Russia Ends Belarusian Oil Subsidies, Lukashenka BlustersCheap Russian oil is a keystone of Belarus’s centrally planned economy.15 January 2019


A Centenary to Celebrate … Or Not?
One hundred years since the end of World War I is an ambiguous anniversary for many in Central Europe, where statehood and identity have long been subject to integration or empire.
7 November 2018

AP Denies Trying to Blacken Name of Oligarch Deripaska
The agency reported on the Russian billionaire’s business dealings with ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.
6 July 2017