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As Predictable as Predictable Can Be
After the Karadzic verdict, the ethnic leaders and their media took their constituents through the well-trodden motions of mutual hostility. And? And that’s largely it.


March 30
Kosovo – U.S. Treaty May Lead To Extradition Of Militant Suspect
The extradition agreement, signed between the two countries on 29 March, paves the way for Bajram Asllani to be sent to the United States to face trial, media reports say.

Montenegro Defense Ministry Tells Troops To Sharpen Up Image
Soldiers under a strict new dress code will no longer be permitted to have long hair, visible tattoos, body piercings or smoke in public.

Russia’s Airstrikes in Syria Generate Lucrative Arms Sale Spin-Off
After withdrawing most of its forces out of Syria, Russia has made the most out of a chance to earn billions of dollars from weapons contracts, media reports say.

Stars Descend on Moscow to Play Wedding of Russian Billionaire’s Son
No expense was spared on the wedding of Said Gutseriev to 20-year-old student Khadija Uzhakhova on 26 March.

Poland Gives Go-Ahead To Controversial Logging Program
The plans to allow large-scale logging in the Bialowieza forest are likely to put the country on a collision course with environmentalists and the European Union.

March 31
Czech Republic’s Glitterati Applaud Chinese Leader
Czech President Zeman hails ‘restart’ of relations with China, signs deals worth billions.

Serbian Firebrand Seselj Cleared on All Counts at The Hague
In a rare loss for the UN tribunal’s prosecutors, a major figure in Serbia’s wars with Croatia and Bosnia is acquitted of serious war crimes.

Serbia Takes Lead on Jewish Restitution
Law providing for return of property whose owners are long dead could set a precedent for former communist countries.

Morocco Bids to Replace Turkey, Egypt as Russian Tourist Destination
The North African kingdom wants to quintuple the number of Russian tourists within three years.

April 1
Russian Deputy: Inaccurate Weather Forecasters Should Be Fined
The lawmakers says that bad meteorology is responsible for ‘damaging Russia’s economy.’

Russia Denigrates Ukraine Plan To End Diplomatic Relations
Vladimir Putin’s spokesman describes Ukrainian initiative as ‘bordering on insanity.’

Bulgaria Soccer Legend Hristo Stoichkov’s Safari Photos Spark Outrage
Hristo Stoichkov, the Bulgarian striker whose goals took his country to a 1994 World Cup semi-final, has come under fire after posing for pictures with big game safari kills.

Russia Sees Red over Polish Plans to Smash Soviet Statues
Poland wants to demolish about 500 Soviet monuments, but will preserve Red Army soldiers’ graves.


Marriage of Inconvenience
Kidnapping women for forced marriages–bride kidnapping–seems to be on the rise in Kyrgyzstan, as societal expectations, economic…
By Hamid Toursunov and Aigul Abdyldaeva

The Writing on the Wall
In an interview with TOL, a prominent human rights activist says that the public is far from knowing the whole story behind the assassination of…
By Sasa Markovic

Political Scoring
The Bulgarian government has mixed success with its offensive against quasi-mafia figures who permeate the country’s sporting life.
By Polia Tchakarova

Remembering the Tempest
For the first and possibly last time, veterans of the Warsaw Uprising celebrate a major anniversary.
By Jakub Jedras