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September 16

Polish, Chinese Money Eyes Regional Beers
Selloff of Central and East European brewers is a sideshow to one of the biggest corporate takeovers ever launched.

Uzbek Jews Face Uncertain Future
Life under late ruler Karimov was tightly controlled, but stable and largely free of ethnic conflict, local Jews say.

Putin’s Party Untroubled Ahead of Duma Polls
United Russia is sure to retain control of the lower house, but the overall makeup of the legislature could reveal some surprises. 

Poland Says First Smolensk Crash Probe Was Manipulated
New probe claims black-box recordings of the tragedy, which led to the death of then-President Lech Kaczynski and nearly 100 other Polish officials, were tampered with.

September 15

Telia Facing $1.4 Billion Fine Over Crooked Uzbek Deals
Multinational probe strengthens allegations of gargantuan bribes to the disgraced daughter of late leader Karimov.

Russia Blocks Access to Popular Porn Sites
As alternative to streaming porn, country’s media watchdog suggests meeting real people.

U.S. Envoy to Romania Accidentally Supports Szekler Autonomy
Ambassador says he joined group photo with minority group’s flag to be ‘polite,’ but Bucharest is not amused.

Chechnya’s Unexpected Friends in Israel
Muslim leaders gathered in Grozny issue divisive rules favoring the Chechen leader’s brand of Islam.

September 14

How Kosovo’s Public Television Lost Its Luster
After years of praise for its editorial coverage, political interference jeopardizes the future of Kosovo’s public broadcaster.


Deep Trouble
Baikal, the world’s deepest lake, loses some of its hard-won protection.

UN Says Rights Record of Belarus Remains Dismal
The dismal human rights record of Belarus shows no sign of improvement after October’s elections, UN says.

Airing Grievances
Residents of the Serbian city of Pancevo are speaking up about the health hazard of living in this industrial town.

Czech Communist Nostalgia in an Immature Democracy
A society that keeps looking in the rear-view mirror is bound to crash into something.