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September 13

Russia Demands Bulgarian Compensation for Belene ASAP
Nuclear plant deal was scrapped three years ago amid fears of Moscow’s energy dominance over Europe.

Why Did the Kazakh Leader Reshuffle His Cabinet?
Economic weakness and succession concerns might have influenced Nazarbaev’s decision to demote long-serving premier.

EU Plans Cuts to Social Programs
Central and Eastern European EU members could be hardest hit by union budget cuts proposed by member states yesterday.

Russian Mining Giant Takes Blame for Turning River Red
Norilsk Nickel has admitted that spillage from a dam caused the Daldykan River near the city of Norilsk to turn blood red.

September 12

Another Landslide Win For the Status Quo in Belarus
But the elections also brought an unexpected win for the opposition, which won two seats in parliamentary election for the first time in 20 years.

Azeri Activists Appeal to Council of Europe Ahead of Referendum
Five leading human rights defenders have called on the Council of Europe to assess the contentious Azerbaijani referendum.

Croatian Elections: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same
Although the Conservatives won the most seats, the lack of a majority requires either the formation of a coalition, or a new round of voting. 

The Zrada Card
A sense of destitution and forlornness among Ukrainian journalists led to the prevalence of the zrada (‘betrayal’) and peremoha (‘victory’) themes in the local media. From The London Review of Books.


Deep Trouble
Baikal, the world’s deepest lake, loses some of its hard-won protection.

UN Says Rights Record of Belarus Remains Dismal
The dismal human rights record of Belarus shows no sign of improvement after October’s elections, UN says.

Airing Grievances
Residents of the Serbian city of Pancevo are speaking up about the health hazard of living in this industrial town.

Czech Communist Nostalgia in an Immature Democracy
A society that keeps looking in the rear-view mirror is bound to crash into something.