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From Lads to Lords
In post-Soviet Russia, many a future tycoon learned the merits of teamwork, discipline, and respect for authority on the mean streets.


War of Words
Recent “news” about a transfer of U.S. nuclear weapons to Romania showcased how disinformation, whether Russian-initiated or not, can benefit Moscow. 


September 9

Uzbek Prime Minister Named Interim President
Given the country’s electoral history, hardliner Mirziyaev seems a lock for the job, dampening the likelihood of change.

Early Voting Underway and Under Fire in Belarus
OSCE has criticized the process meant to elect representatives for the lower house of parliament.

Transdniester Decides It’s Time to Join Russia
The de facto president of the breakaway region wants to implement a decision reached in a referendum 10 years ago

September 8

Eastern EU Countries Urged to Improve VAT Collection
The costs of fraud, evasion, and inefficiency amount to 150 billion euros annually, an EC report warns.

Russian Arctic River Runs Red
Pollution is the most likely cause for the biblical hue of water in notoriously polluted Norilsk.

Leading Russian Polling Agency Listed as ‘Foreign Agent’
Move comes days after Levada Center reported falling support for ruling party and less than two weeks before nationwide elections.

Ukraine Seeking Chinese Money for Dream Plane
The gargantuan craft has a unique capacity to deliver very big, very heavy cargoes, but development costs are beyond the maker’s means.

Armenian Premier Steps Down
Analysts say the economic slowdown, worsening relations with Azerbaijan, and rising domestic discontent are putting the government under severe pressure to reform.


Bulgarian Communist Monument May Get New Lease on Life
Two young digital designers and an architect are spurring new ideas for the building.

UN Says Rights Record of Belarus Remains Dismal
The dismal human rights record of Belarus shows no sign of improvement after October’s elections, UN says.

Lukashenka Wins Fifth Term
Belarusian president wins in another landslide, as ties with West improve.

Czech Communist Nostalgia in an Immature Democracy
A society that keeps looking in the rear-view mirror is bound to crash into something.


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