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The Region That Did Not Win
How Bulgaria’s UN campaign sheds some light on Eastern Europe’s problems.

Illiberalism and Authoritarianism Can Be Successfully Challenged In Poland
Poland’s PiS government recently suffered its first blow since coming to power nearly a year ago, an optimistic note in a region where illiberal authoritarian governments are on the rise. 
From openDemocracy.

Double Discrimination
Despite high rates of social stigma, and reduced access to education, disabled Armenian girls and women are striving for a better life.


October 14

Czech Republic Sees Unique Alternatives to Wedding Rings
Czechs have turned to different displays of devotion to their partners, such as engraved watches or tattoos.

Land rights activists on trial Kazakhstan
Human rights watchdogs are asking for their release, arguing that their protests did not breach any law. 

Serbia Leans East, Again
In a move signaling closer ties, Russian billionaire Gennady Timchenko is named Serbia’s new honorary consul in St. Petersburg.

October 13

Daughter of Kadyrov Critic Assaulted
Her father, head of Russian MMA group, had suffered extensive backlash after criticizing MMA children fights in Chechnya.

Shuttering of Hungarian Daily Could Be Harbinger of Further CEE Media Woes
Recent report had cited political intervention and concentrated ownership as major threats to media pluralism in the newest EU member states. 

Uzbek Senate Vote in Favor of Amnesty for Constitution Day
The acting president’s pardon proposal might be intended as a popularity boost ahead of presidential elections in December.

October 12

Latvia Targets ‘Disloyal’ Teachers
Amendments to the Education Act foresee dismissing teachers untrue to the Latvian state and Constitution, sparking fears of censorship.

Macedonians Stage Mass Anti-Gov’t Protest March
Around 15,000 people marched in Skopje to honor WWII anti-fascist uprising, protest ruling VMRO DPMNE party’s ‘authoritarianism.’


Massive Crackdown in Kazakhstan
Hundreds arrested to ward off protests against land reform.

Journalism With an Asterisk
Though paid well and valued for the role they played, most journalists before 1991 knew which bold lines not to cross.
By Irena Jurjevic, Nino Chimakadze, Grigore Brinza and Ksenia Korzun.

End of Macedonian Political Stalemate in Sight
After a lengthy political crisis, and the postponement of early elections, Macedonia’s main parties finally agree to go to the polls in December.

Minority Versus Minority
Before EU entry, Latvia’s Russian speakers were growing increasingly restive. Many remain unhappy today.
By Andrew Cave


Press Start, Transitions’ global crowdfunding platform for independent journalists, is proud to feature Chantal Flores in its latest campaign. Chantal’s journalism has focused on immigration and the search for the missing in Latin America, but she has also taught writing to young people in a dying southern Mexico town and lectured on sustainable development in Canada, where she attended university. She’s headed for a nonfiction-writing residency at the Carey Institute for Global Good in Rensselaerville, New York, where she’ll work on a book about the parents of Mexico’s disappeared. We’re helping her to raise funds to expand her reporting to Colombia, where the civil war has resulted in an army of missing people.

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