Forum 2000 October Bulletin

The 27th Forum 2000 Conference: A Message of Hope

Watch the 2-minute clip “The 27th Forum 2000 Conference: A Message of Hope” 

The 5 Big Ideas

The 27th Forum 2000 Conference offered a number of important insights on how to face some of the current challenges to democracy, strengthen the global movement for freedom and help create a true democratic world order. These 5 Big Ideas summarize the key conclusions from this year´s meeting.

Video recordings and photo gallery

The public track of the Forum 2000 three-day event was live-streamed on our website, Facebook and Youtube. In case you missed it, we invite you to watch videos of the panel discussions and enjoy a selection of photos from the conference.

Forum 2000 International Award for Courage and Responsibility

In recognition of his steadfast commitment to advocating truth and justice, Vladimir Kara-Murza was awarded the International Forum 2000 Award for Courage and Responsibility during the 27th Forum 2000 Conference. Vladimir Kara-Murza’s life exemplifies the profound truth embedded in Václav Havel’s words “We may all realize, that he or she —regardless of how insignificant or powerless they may feel— is in a position to change the world.”

The Forum 2000’s ICDR calls for the release of Egyptian activist Hisham Kassem

Members of the International Coalition for Democratic Renewal (ICDR) “strongly condemn Egypt’s widespread and systematic attacks on peaceful dissent and will continue to shine a spotlight on the ongoing violations and abuses against partners on the ground”. On September 16th, an Egyptian court sentenced prominent pro-democracy leader Hisham Kassem to six months in prison on trumped up charges of “defamation” and “contempt of officials”.

Participation of Myanmar at Forum 2000 Conference

A delegation led by Union Minister Daw Zin Mar Aung and Union Minister Aung Myo Min visited Prague to attend the 27th Forum 2000 Conference. During their visit to Prague the delegation met with Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský, to whom Minister Daw Zin Ma Aung presented the “Prague Appeal to the European Union Member States and the EU”. The document explains the “ground truths” about the situation in Myanmar and requests support to realize a “federal democratic transformation” of the country.