Forum 2000 January Bulletin

Boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Members of the International Coalition for Democratic Renewal call on democratic governments and on representatives of international institutions not to send official political representation to the 2022 Winter Olympics and to diplomatically boycott the Games. We encourage you to read the full statement.


Due to the mounting Russian threat, Ukraine has become the center of the world‘s attention over the past weeks and months. The current escalation is nothing but a continuation of the long-term pressure that Moscow is exerting on Kyiv through different means, including the occupation of Crimea and military incursion in Donbas.

Ukraine: A Success Story

Despite this constant pressure, Ukraine is now a self-confident member of the European family of nations, set on a course to join the political and security structures of the democratic world. To better understand where Ukraine currently is on its path, we invite you to watch the panel “Ukraine: A Success Story?“ hosting Oleksandra Drik, Jerzy Pomianowski, Oksana Pokalchuk, and moderated by Ralf Fücks, which took place in the framework of the 2021 Forum 2000 Conference.0

How Russian disinformation campaigns distort life in Ukraine

As the Russian troops gather at Ukraine’s borders, tensions between Moscow and Kyiv seem to be at the highest level in years. While we still hope for a peaceful resolution, we cannot overlook the increasing amount of disinformation and Moscow inspired propaganda flooding into Ukraine. In this #Forum2000online Chat, we spoke with Vitaliy Moroz, the Head of New Media at Internews Ukraine, about the Russian disinformation campaign and how it works and affects everyday life in Ukraine. Watch the full episode to get a bigger picture of the disinformation campaign.

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