FORUM 2000: BULLETIN April 2021

Remembering Ivan M. Havel

Ivan M. Havel, scientist, member of the Forum 2000 International Advisory Board, brother of President Václav Havel, and a long-term patron of the Forum 2000 Foundation, passed away on April 25. Dear Dr. Havel, you will always remain an inspiration to us.

Xiao Qiang: Digital authoritarianism in China undermines democratic values

“Chinese government in recent years has built the most advanced digital technology for its domestic censorship and surveillance and also become a sort of influential force in the world for the global authoritarianism,“ says Xiao Qiang, founder and Editor-in-Chief of China Digital Times & Research Scientist at the School of Information, Berkeley, California.

This year´s NGO Market is already behind us

During the Week for the Non-Profit Sector, we ran three professional workshops, one unique professional course, and five great debates for both non-profit sector specialists and the general public, in which guests from the Czech Republic and abroad shared their experience. Thank you for being with us and for working towards a strong and vibrant civil society.

Vitaliy Moroz: Russian disinformation campaigns distort everyday life in Ukraine

“Fight against disinformation is a daily routine for Ukrainians.“ Vitaliy Moroz works as the Head of New Media at Internews Ukraine, one of the leading media NGOs in the country. In this #Forum2000online Chat, Mr Moroz talks about the threat that Russia poses toward Ukraine in the physical but also informational sphere.