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Prague European Summit & Urban Talks

27 května, 201929 května, 2019

As an initiative of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and the Institute of International Relations, and under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic and the City of Prague, the Prague European Summit (PES) has been established to trigger a strategic and open debate on the future of the European Union among high-level political representatives, government officials, business representatives, academicians and journalists from the Czech Republic, EU countries, V4 countries and other.  

Its goal is to find common answers to the key questions in the economic, social, foreign-political and institutional areas. By hosting this regular summit on the future of European integration in Prague, the organizers contribute to recasting the image of the Czech Republic as an EU member country which self-confidently yet constructively joins the strategic discussions on the course of the EU.

More information about the PES and the Urban Talks, which are held in Prague and Brno is to be found on Facebook and on the PES webpage.

You can register for the Urban Talks at &


27 května, 2019
29 května, 2019
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