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FORUM 2000 Festival of democracy: Recovering the promise of 1989. Registratio​​n deadline

30 years ago, the world was full of hope that finally democracy, freedom, and a global order based on peace and responsibility, would prevail. Today, the humankind is facing a critical challenge – the democratic world is insecure and internally frustrated, while the global order is undergoing a historic transformation. Discontent is on the rise over the promises which were not fulfilled. Not only societies which transited from authoritarian regimes to democracy quite recently, but also people who enjoyed freedom for a long period of time, are in growing numbers dissatisfied with the current state of affairs. The inability of political leaders to face the global warming, a growing gap between winners and losers of globalization and the liberal economy, a political system which many consider overly bureaucratic and unresponsive to the needs of people, an impact of new technologies on societies … The Forum 2000 Conference will look at these issues and focus on ideas helping to boost democracy. Let’s use the week of October 11-17 to accompany the conference with debates, screenings, concerts, exhibitions or any other events where we’ll be thinking together about current issues and putting forward ideas and visions for our democratic future. Please kindly let us know, whether your organization would be interested to propose and organize a Festival of Democracy event. The Festival is the associated program of the annual Forum 2000 Conference “Recovering the Promise of 1989” and will take place on October 11-17, 2019 in Prague and other Czech and Central European cities. If you would like to create an event within the Festival of Democracy, please Register here. This invitation is for non-profits, schools, towns, associations and civic initiatives. Find more information here. Please note that the deadline is May 27, 2019. We will contact you in early June with the final decision regarding your suggested event.