What Can NGOs Teach Us and What Can They Learn Themselves? Find Out at the NGO Market 2014

Can a non-profit be profitable? What does a balcony taste like? Where do wheelchair users go snorkeling? Does your garbage become the environment’s extra baggage? Would you like to know more? Then come join us at the NGO Market 2014, which will be held on Friday, April 25, from 11.00 to 18.00 at the National Technical Library in Prague.

2014 marks the fifteenth non-profit fair, organized by the Forum 2000 Foundation. At this unique event, more than 200 NGOs from the Czech Republic and abroad will discuss their work to participants. This year, the main theme is education in the civic sector, both of non-profits themselves and of the general public, which follows their work, is interested in them and supports their mission. It is precisely through this mutual exchange of experience and networking that the civil society is continued and strengthened.

An educated civil society is made up by us: informed and active citizens who engage in and cultivate society in order to mirror exactly what we need from it. The NGO Market offers this possibility not only through the event as such, showcasing the work of different organizations, but also through the rich accompanying program which includes many fun learning experiences.

This year’s seminars, workshops and debates will introduce you to inspiring projects by young people and will elaborate on effective advertising within the non-profit sector. You will see a plentitude of interesting presentations, such as that of ancient Egyptian rituals, including the process of mummification, and a demonstration on how to process cannabis by hand. You can also participate in a strategic game and discover how social elites are formed, and through this experience understand what it means to have power.

For our youngest attendees, we have prepared events such as mask painting, through which they can learn about various African animals, and the Hospital for Teddy Bears project, which will present kids a fun way of visiting a doctor’s office. Older children can watch the screening of human-rights documentaries made for children from the program, “One World in Schools.”

This and much more will be available to you at the National Technical Library in Prague throughout the day of the NGO Market. Thus, you will have the opportunity to explore the varied work of different NGOs live and interactively. The Volunteer Center will provide you with an overview of different NGOs and offer the possibility of engaging in their work.

More detailed information about the program can be found here, also in the second edition of the NGO Market Newsletter (in Czech), or on Facebook.