Watch the 16th Forum 2000 Conference on “Media and Democracy” Live Online

The Forum 2000 Foundation is inviting to watch the live video broadcast of the main panel discussions and events held during this year’s Forum 2000 Conference, “Media and Democracy.”

The conference takes place in Prague from October 21–23, 2012. In accordance with the wishes of the late President Václav Havel, it will focus on the relationship between democracy and the media. The program will include dozens of discussions that will examine the changing role of the media in society, freedom of the media in today’s world, the media and responsibility, economic aspects of media work, the role of religion in this context and the specific situation in different countries. The conference will also address the legacy of Václav Havel in the fields of democracy and human rights and ways to build upon it.

On Monday, October 22 and Tuesday, October 23, you can follow the all-day live broadcast of the sessions held in the two main halls of Žofín Palace, Forum Hall and Conference Hall. The Sunday Opening Ceremony at the Prague Crossroads with opening remarks by Ivan Havel and Yohei Sasakawa and the keynote speech by Iveta Radičová will also be broadcast online. In addition, you can watch the discussion held in Pilsen live on October 24.

You can watch these proceedings on the Forum 2000 website in the Video section. Recordings of these discussions as well as other events will be posted there shortly after the conference.

Online reporting from the entire conference can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

More information about the conference and its updated program can be found here.

Broadcast Program

Sunday, October 21

Prague Crossroads

19.00–21.00      Opening Ceremony

Monday, October 22

Žofín Palace, Forum Hall

10.00–10.05      Conference Opening (Remarks by Gareth Evans)

10.05–11.45      Václav Havel: The Powerful Powerless

12.00–13.30      Changing Role of the Media

14.30–16.00      Media and Freedom

16.15–17.45      Media, Economy and Politics

18.00–19.30      Václav Havel as a Media Practitioner

Žofín Palace, Conference Hall

09.00–09.50      Breakfast (Remarks by Vesna Pusić)

12.00–13.30      Issues and Solutions for the Bottom Billion

14.30–16.00      The Future of the Media in Asia

16.15–17.45      Women Leaders Panel

Tuesday, October 23

Žofín Palace, Forum Hall

09.45–10.00      Special Remarks by Madeleine Albright
10.00–11.30      Human Rights and the Media
11.45–13.15      Do We (Still) Trust Media?
14.15–15.45      Václav Havel’s Civil Society
16.00–17.30      Democracy and Media in Russia

17.30–17.45      Closing of the Conference (Remarks by Karel Schwarzenberg and Gareth Evans)

Žofín Palace, Conference Hall

10.00–11.30      Media as a Religion

11.45–13.15      The Changing Role of Intellectuals in Today’s World

14.15–15.45      Accessing Free Information in China: Challenges and Perspectives

16.00–17.30      Media, Responsibility and Ethics

Wednesday, October 24

Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen

11.00–12.30      Media, Culture and Civil Society Development