Visegrad-Balkan Public Policy Fund – Young Researchers Programme: Call for Proposals

Under the Visegrad-Balkan Public Policy Fund – Young Researches Programme, the Pontis Foundation (Slovakia), the Association of Czech Non-governmental Organizations – DEMAS (Czech Republic), the Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights – Demnet (Hungary), the Balkan Civil Society Development Network – BCSDN (Macedonia) and the Kosovar Civil Sociey Foundation – KCSF (Kosovo) announce the first Call for Proposal for researchers and organizations from Macedonia and Kosovo to undertake research projects on the topic of:

National Aspects in Transitional Processes (CZ)

Financial instruments of the EU for development of non-governmental actors (SK)

Monitor of waiting lists and corruption in the health care system (SK)

Regulatory framework for usage of vacant urban properties (HU)

Links between civil sector and future-to-be pro bono infrastructure (HU)

Reproductive rights – Birth rights (HU)

Fellows will be placed in organizations in Slovakia, the Czech Republic or Hungary depending on their chosen research topics for a period of 1 month.

Who can apply?

Eligible candidates are representatives of civil society organizationsor individual researchers, between 20-35 years old having permanent residence in Macedonia or Kosovo.

How to apply?

Applicants shall submit their CV and a filled in Application Form, specifying their focus area, field of expertise, motivation and expectations from the fellowship. Download the template for the Application Form. The documents shall be submitted to the following e-mail The deadline for receiving applications is12 August 2013. Applications will be evaluated by an independent selection committee by 31 August 2013and successful candidates’ names will be announced on the website of the Visegrad – Balkan Public Policy Fund by 6 September 2013.

Who covers the costs?

Fellows’ travel, accommodation and boarding will be provided and covered through the International Visegrad Fund. Fellows are expected to cover their travel insurance themselves. Fellowships are to be agreed individually between successful applicants and receiving organisations. Duration of fellowships is 1 month, covered by the IVF. Fellows can prolong their stay on their own expense.

Contact person for additional information for Macedonian applicants is Ms. Deniza Bundalevska ( ) or + 389 (0)2 614 42 11.

Contact person for additional information for Kosovar applicants is Mr. Fatmir Curri ( or + 381 (0)38 248 636.

Read also the Application Guidelines

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