Video Recordings, Discussions Summaries and Other Outputs from the Forum 2000 Conference

Video recordings, discussions summaries, photographs and other outputs from the 15th annual Forum 2000 Conference, “Democracy and the Rule of Law”, which was held in Prague from October 9–11, 2011, can be found on the Forum 2000 Foundation website at
More information about the conference can be found here.

On the website, you will be able to watch video recordings from most of the panel discussions and other significant events held during this year’s conference. You will also find brief summaries of the discussions and speeches, which present key ideas and opinions from more than fifty conference panels and associated events. In the conference photogallery, you can view photographs from the opening ceremony and discussions, as well as pictures of the overall conference proceedings. You will also be able to read press releases from the conference and, coming soon on the Forum 2000 website, you will find links to selected articles and interviews with conference delegates.

On this website, transcripts of panel discussions and speeches will be gradually posted as they become available. Selected transcripts will be published in the Conference Report, which will be available in spring 2012. If you are interested in receiving this report, please contact the Forum 2000 Foundation at secretariat(at)