V4 in European Parliament; Czech Republic and Digital Single Market

Slovak Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) published a policy brief by Ondřej Mocek and Vít Dostál dealing with the influence of Visegrad Group deputies in the European ParliamentYou can read which specific Central European interests could our MEPs push through the European legislature.

Kryštof Kruliš representing AMO in CETA‘s expert team prepared the follow-up from the roundtable of the National Convention on the European Union on Digital Single MarketGo through the Convention’s recommendations to the Czech government on the digital agenda.

Michal Lebduška and Václav Lídl prepared a briefing paper dealing with failures and shortcomings of the Minsk Agreement II. They also discussed goals and strategies of all stakeholders of this conflict.Read why they do not believe that this agreement could prevent new round of violence.

In his AMO blog, Jakub Kufčák points out the insufficient funding of the Czech army. Kryštof Krulišexplains for Respekt weekly the recent growth of the Czech economy. Vít Dostál comments the results of the Polish presidential elections for TV Noe.