The State of Civil Society in Today’s Russia

ion is an associated event of the Forum 2000 Conference „Democracy and Freedom in a Multipolar World“.

In April 2009 President Medvedev iniciated some changes in the legislation on Russian NGOs. After three months, partial liberalisation in the legislation occured, however it also brought a number of attacks on Russian Human Rights Activists and further more assassinations. What is the stade of civil society in Russia today when such events are occuring?

Libor Dvořák – Journalist, Czech Radio

Yegor Gaidar – Former Russian Prime Minister
Ella Kesaeva – Co-Chair, The Voice of Beslan
Sergey Lukashevskiy – Director, Museum and Social Center of Andrey Sacharov
Anna Sevortian – Deputy Director, Center for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights
Pavel Chikov – Lawyer, Agora Kazan

The discussion will be held in Russian with simultaneous English translation.