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Talking Europe(um) – podcast about Europe and the EU

Talking Europe(um) is a podcast which comments on current issues in the European Union. List of episodes, as well as information about where you can listen to the podcast, is in the article. The podcast is prepared by Žiga Faktor from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

Danielle Piatkiewicz ve svém posledním blogu analyzuje výsledek polských prezidentských voleb a jeho potenciální regionální a globální dopad. Until now, the protection of the rule of law has consisted of empty declarations. The Commission wants to change that

Our Zuzana Stuchlíková commented for the website on the issue of the rule of law in EU countries and the possibility of enforcing its observance by European institutions.

Member states’ expectations towards the German Council Presidency

Christian Kvorning Lassen from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy together with Jan Kovář from Institute of International Relations Prague wrote a commentary “Czechia: economic recovery at the expense of climate and solidarity” for the EPIN Report publication, concerned with Germany’s EU Council presidency, which starts in July.

Czech Interests in the EU

In May 2020, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, in cooperation with the STEM Institute of Empirical Research (project initiator), the Association for International Affairs (AMO) and Europe in Data portal, launched the Czech Interests in the EU project. It aims to explain to the Czech public how Czechs influence politics in Europe, and to examine whether politicians in Europe really promote Czech interests.