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CASE joins the Vision Europe Summit consortium
CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research has joined the Vision Europe Summit network, a consortium of think tanks and foundations collaborating to address some of the most pressing public policy challenges facing Europe.


VISEGRAD: Chinese investments in Czech Republic – a new gateway to Europe or just a shopping spree?
Alice Rezková, an analyst with the Assocation for International Affairs considers the reality behind the recent hype in Czech media over the possibilities of increased Chinese investment in the Czech Republic.

Serbia after the Opening of Negotiations on Chapter 24
Serbia need to achieve full harmonization with the best European practices in the area of justice, freedom and security by 2020, writes Belgrade Security for Security Policy analyst Bojan Elek.


EU Membership Perspective for Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine: Impossible, Forgotten, Or Hidden?
Without reforms and the ability to convince the EU that they can have a sustainable approach to reform implementation, it will be difficult for Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine to even begin to engage the EU in dialogue on membership, according to this Institute of World Policy analysis.

What about the women? Understanding and Addressing the Problem of ISIS Female Recruitment in the Western Balkans
This Belgrade Centre for Security Policy paper aims to bring attention to an oft-neglected security problem in the Western Balkans: women being recruited by and migrating to the Islamic State.