Online Course: Become an Expert Fact Checker & Hoax Buster

It is our pleasure to inform you that we are launching a new course this May, which might be of interest to you: “Become an Expert Fact Checker and Hoax Buster” is an intensive six week course taught and led online by Alastair Reid, a social media journalist at Press Association (PA). 

Why is it becoming important to improve our data verification skills? We all realize that media disinformation is on the rise. Fake news undermines the security of our society and trust in our leaders. How do we detect it, which free tools are available online and how do we communicate the truth?

From the comfort of your home you will be taught to employ techniques used to identify misinformation, including tracing and investigating its sources. You will leave equipped with knowledge of the latest tools to support your work in revealing fake news and hoaxes. Weekly sessions running from May 8 to June 18 will include tutorials, direct interaction with the trainer and hands-on exercises.

Become an Expert Fact Checker and Hoax Buster

Tutorial period: May 8, 2017 – June 18, 2017
Application deadline: April 25, 2017

Course fee: $450
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