One World Film Festival 2021: Festival opening and Homo Homini award ceremony

One World Film Festival 2021: online

One World’s tradition in the Czech Republic stretches back more than twenty years, and over time, it has grown into the world’s largest festival for documentary films on human rights. During the One World Festival, documentaries are screened in dozens of Czech cities and villages across the country and are watched by approximately 100,000 viewers, including thousands of high school students. Of course, the festival was not untouched by the first wave of the pandemic, which swept everyone with internet access into the virtual world behind their computer and mobile phone screens.

The opening ceremony will be accompanied by screening and discussion with the director Aliaksei Paluyan, coordinator of the Human Rights Center Viasna Natallia Satsunkevich, Belarusian actor and activist Kyril Masheka (Pussy Riot) and Tomáš Petříček.

The Homo Homini Award for 2020 will be presented to Marfa Rabkova, Andrei Chapiuk, Leanid Sudalenka and Tatsiana Lasitsa

This year People in Need will award the Homo Homini prize to four currently detained members of the Belarusian human rights organization Viasna who have been persecuted for tracking detained protestors, documenting human rights violations and helping victims of police violence. They face up to 12 years in prison for legitimate human rights activities. The mayor of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib, will present the award to Nathalia Satsunkevich, a colleague from Viasna who will represent the detainees. The ceremony will take place online on May 10th as part of the launch of the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.