NGO Market 2014 Featuring More than 200 NGOs, Music and a Rich Program for Children

We cordially invite you to the NGO Market which will take place on Friday, April 25, 2014, from 11.00 to 18.00 at the National Library of Technology in Prague. This year’s 15th edition of the fair focuses on education in the civic sector and features a record number of participating NGOs specializing in different fields.

You will have the opportunity to become acquainted with more than 200 NGOs pursuing crisis response, humanitarian aid, environmental protection, supporting democracy and human rights, or focusing on culture, sports and leisure activities. The fair will also showcase NGOs providing social and health services, education, research or legal counseling. Along with other foundations and partners of the NGO Market, the Forum 2000 Foundation will, as the organizer of the event, also present its current activities.

NGOs providing social and health care services will constitute the largest group at this year’s non-profit fair, amounting to more than 90 organizations. Amongst others, Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren, the League Against Cancer Prague, Linka Pomoci (Help Line), or Pestrá společnost (Varied Company), an NGO specializing in training assistance dogs. The culture, sport and leisure activities section features the Prague Wheelchair Sports Club, which can provide you with the answer to one of this year’s NGO Market questions: Where do wheelchair users go snorkeling?

Thanks to the plentitude of environmental NGOs participating in the fair, you can discover the answers to other questions of this year’s NGO Market, such as whether and how your garbage becomes the environment’s extra baggage and who the bird of the year 2014 is. The environmental section will present international as well as Czech NGOs, among them Derbianus, Greenpeace, Konopa or the Czech Society for Ornithology. You can find the full list of participating organizations here.

The fair will feature a rich program full of inspiring lectures, workshops and discussions from various fields within the NGO sector, as well as many other accompanying activities organized in cooperation with the participating NGOs.

You are welcome to participate in an interactive game, join hands-on presentations or create your own unique t-shirt. Children can enjoy a special program comprised of film screenings, face painting and the popular Teddy Bear Hospital. An all-day musical program will be provided by the well-known Pianos on the Streets Project, and Kryštof Koenigsmark, DJ at Radio 1.

We hope that this year’s NGO Market will enrich and enlighten you through its activities, and also offer you the possibility to participate in a lottery featuring more than a hundred generously donated items from the participating NGOs, giving you the opportunity to be one of the lucky guests receiving a wonderful gift. You can win many original prizes, such as bags handsewn by Burmese women, refreshment vouchers, board games, artifacts from sheltered workshops in Africa, and many others.

More detailed information about the NGO Market 2014 and the accompanying program is available here or on Facebook.