NGO Market 2013 Offers a Varied Program for Both the Specialized and Broader Public

The 14th annual NGO Market will be held in just two weeks on Friday, May 3 at the National Technical Library in Prague. The non-profit fair will be open to the public from 11.00 to 18.00. Entrance is free.

Nearly 200 non-profit organizations will be participating in this year’s NGO Market. Many of them have prepared attractive and entertaining presentations of their activities. For example, the Environmental Law Service will present its project “Citizen 2.0” through an interactive game – “orientation run between paragraphs.“ The organization Fokus will welcome visitors into its “psychic booth,” which is able to mediate the feelings and experience of people suffering from Schizophrenia.

Presentations and practical demonstrations of NGOs’ activities will be complemented by workshops, lectures and discussions dedicated to various current issues from the non-profit sector. Some topics   that will be covered include the importance of reading for children, different kinds of problems people with Autism face, and why it is hard to ensure effective humanitarian aid in Syria.

As in previous years, well known artists will come to the NGO Market, including actor Jaroslav Dušek who will introduce his original vision of the function of the non-profit sector. Besides the director Jan Hřebejk, another Alzheimer’s Foundation patron has been confirmed: the writer Ivona Březinová who will be giving a reading from her new book.

In addition, visitors can look forward to the charitable bazaar, mobile library with non-profit literature, volunteer center and drawing of attractive gifts from NGOs. Unconventional refreshments will be provided by several restaurants including café Mama Coffee, with delicious fairtrade coffee and tea, and the Secret of Raw that will reveal the secrets of raw food. The project HotKarot will also be offering a carrot in a bun, respectively a “vegetarian hot dog,” with a number of sauces to choose from.

The morning part of the fair will be dedicated to the professional program for representatives from NGOs and companies. A workshop with the leading expert in online fundraising, Nick Allen, will be one of its components. Furthermore, the day before the NGO Market, May 2, the international conference named “PROVE = MEASURE: How Can NGOs Justify Their Value?” will be held at the National Technical Library. The conference is organized by the Forum 2000 Foundation and Association of Public Benefit Organizations with the aim of helping NGOs improve their ability to measure and quantify the impact of their activities.

A detailed program of the NGO Market is available on the Forum 2000 website. You can also find all news and “active citizen’s alphabet” at