New at CEELI

EU Criminal Law: Training for EU judges at CEELI

The CEELI Institute is proud to have initiated a new effort this year, funded by the European Union, to provide much needed training for judges from the eastern countries of the EU on relevant EU law, instruments and directives governing the application of criminal lawThis project was held in Prague, but was jointly organized with our partner, the Association of Croatian Judges, and represents the first time both organizations have directly implemented European Commission funding—a milestone step for both.

Supporting the Croatian Judiciary: Facilitating Attention to and Adoption of European Jurisprudence

In late September, the CEELI Institute was again be able to support the efforts of the Croatian Judiciary as it grapples with challenges related to the independence and impartiality of justice—both of which continue to be under challenge in the region.

Promoting Judicial Accountability in Central Europe

The CEELI Institute recently completed its partnership with the Polish Institute for Law and Society (INPRIS) on a project to promote better interaction between civil society and the judiciary in central and southeastern Europe.

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering Course for Civil Society in Post-Transition Environments

The purpose of this course is to provide diverse civil society actors in Ethiopia with foundational knowledge of the effects of corruption on the functioning of government, particularly as it relates to abuses of institutional power.