News from AMO

We would like to invite you to the roundtable on Eastern Partnership’s challenges which is held on Wednesday, 23 September, 4:00 PM in the Czech MFA. The discussion will be opened by former EU Commissioner Štefan Füle and the other participants include experts from European Council on Foreign Relations, International Renaissance Foundation, Stefan Batory Foundation and other V4 and EaP institutions. The event organized with support of the International Visegrad Fund is a part of the 7th International Symposium “Czech Foreign Policy”. You can confirm you attendance via registration form on the website of the Institute of International Relations (please indicate if you intend to take part in AMO event only).

Visegrad countries have actively participated in the democratic assistance to MENA region since 2011. Their involvement after Arab Spring and the context of failed reforms and ongoing poor quality of governance in current migration crisis is analysed in recent policy paper supported by the International Visegrad Fund and written by Zora Hesová. Find out if there is any coordination between V4 Countries towards the Mediterranean.

However China-Taiwan relations have been hailed as “stable” in recent years, one area has been markedly different – cyberspace. Read in Michal Thim’s article for Thinking Taiwan, how many cyber-attacks Taiwan experiences every day.

Alice Rezková comments on new trade routes including New Silk Road which will connect China and Europe for Czech Radio. Zora Hesová blogs about Czech fear of migration and how can the “otherness” enrich the society. Vít Dostál compares the situation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia 23 years after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia for TV Nova.

Tomáš Kaválek analyses for Hospodárske noviny Russian presence in Syria. Read also 7 recommendations for the EU by Kryštof Kruliš one year after Russian food ban on web portal