News from AMO

Save the date: On Wednesday, September 23, 16:00 we hold the roundtable on the Eastern Partnership in the framework of the 7th International Symposium “Czech Foreign Policy” organized by the Institute of International Relations. Vít Dostál analyses the state of play of EaP for the exclusive bimonthly New Eastern Europe.

AMO Research Fellows evaluate the progress of Czech diplomacy on fulfillment of recommendations from Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2015 in their AMO blog and briefing paper. The worst performance has been identified in case of politics towards Ukraine.

Alice Rezková comments on the world market’s slump for Ekonomika ČT24. Tomáš Jungwirth analyses impact of agreement between Serbian minority and Kosovar government on the Accession negotiations with the EU for TV RTVS.

Pavel Daněk comments on the situation in Belarus after release of political prisoners and possible reaction of the EU for Denník N. Kryštof Kruliš analyses for weekly Respekt current efforts of the British Conservative government to reform the EU and to ensure its competitiveness.

Tomáš Kaválek describes the situation in Kurdish city Diyarbakır during ongoing clashes between Turkish armed forces and Kurdish rebels on his blog.