News from AMO

The definition of average Czech ambassador would be man in his mid-fifties, graduated economist, four languages. That is the outcome of our annual analysis of the Czech diplomatic corps by Vít Borčany.  The only vacant post is currently in France. President Zeman is to appoint less than 20 new ambassadors by the end of his term.

Brexit is still one of the broadly discussed topics. The UK represents one of the most important source countries for foreign direct investments inflows into the Central and Eastern Europe. Thus, the question is: Will Brexit hurt investments in CEE countries? The role of British companies in the transfer of FDIs in the CEE region is examined by Kryštof Kruliš in his policy paper. The publication of the analysis was supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

Brexit and its impacts was also main topic of the Czech-written Kruliš’s briefing papersummarizing the outcomes of the expert roundtable with the participation of the representatives of government, academia, politics and NGOs, kindly supported by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

The Pacific Alliance, a trade bloc consisting of Colombia, Peru, Chile and Mexico, could well be described as the most exciting thing happening in the region.” Petr Boháček comments for the Global Risk Insight on the question how while Europe has just experienced its first disintegrating blow, Latin America might be on the opposite path towards regional integration, as Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance seek accord.

China’s ‘divide and rule’ attitude in Southeast Asia is good for no one, including itself, Michal Thim concludes in his commentary in the South China Morning Post.

AMO is one of the partners of the international conference European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC. The event will take place in Krakow, Poland, from September 26 – 27, 2016 with attendance of Tomáš Maďar.

We have celebrated 15th successful edition of our partner project Visegrad Summer School which has taken place in Poland in mid-July. This year Kryštof Kruliš held a lecture on the internal market in the V4 countries.