New Solutions Journalism Stories and Call for Pitches

Our Latest SJ Stories

Angels With Walkie-Talkies and Dogs – Alarmed at how many people were getting lost in the woods of Belarus, one Minsk resident started what is now the country’s most trusted search-and-rescue squad.
A School Where Children Correct Their Own Mistakes – Even first graders can do it at this Czech school where self-assessment is as important as grades. 
A School for Courage – In a Roma community in Romania, girls are learning to believe in themselves despite racism and poverty.


Transitions is announcing a call for microgrants for journalists interested in developing solutions journalism stories from Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to financial support, we are also offering mentoring during the entire production of the article to achieve the highest possible quality. For more information regarding submitting your solutions journalism pitches and applying for a microgrant, please see the call for application page.