New policy paper “Rethinking V4’s Eurozone Dilemmas after the UK Referendum”

AMO publishes new policy paper dedicted to the V4 members’ specifics regarding the Eurozone-related topics.

The policy paper provides a list of seven recommendations for the Visegrad Group. Recommendations take into account current political reality within the V4, foremost the fact that the adoption of the euro over the coming years is – for various reasons – inconceivable in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Four country-analyses written by national V4 experts follow. The researchers were asked to answer three broad questions.

The first dealt with the up-to-date discourse on euro adoption in a particular country. It aimed at recognizing the main supporters and opponents of this step. It also tried to examine whether the discourse on Eurozone membership has changed since the British EU referendum.

The second question examined the relationships of the four countries with Germany and within the V4. Again, it tried to figure out if the dynamics of these relations have been influenced by the UK referendum and its consequences.

The third issue was focused on a particular country’s position on the development of the Banking Union and the planned Union of Capital Markets. Apart from describing the position, it also summed up the main arguments for joining and for not joining these projects. As Slovakia is (given its membership in the Eurozone) a member of the Banking Union, its related experience has also been depicted in this paper.

Policy paper was published with a kind support of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.