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  • Russian Unorthodox: Free to Not Rock the Boat Moscow’s moves to loosen its grip on some civil society groups are good news for poetry lovers, but probably not for protesters. By Galina Stolyarova
  • The New EU: Hungary: Address the Roma Question Now Hungary can no longer afford to wait for someone else to provide answers to its most pressing social problem. By Balint Szlanko
  • Education: Czech Republic: Primary Lessons for Schools Bureaucrats pledge changes to stanch the waste of Czech children’s talents. From Respekt. By Adam Sura
  • Islam and Society: Kyrgyzstan Child Brides Religious and secular law clash in Kyrgyzstan as teenage marriages and pregnancies grow increasingly common. By Hamid Toursunov and Bakyt Ibraimov

From the Archive:

  • 5 years ago: A Dictator in the Making: A police state is being rebuilt in Armenia, and the West’s silence is worse than deafening. By Emil Danielyan