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Filling the Gap
Media: RFE/RL has returned to Romania, and is already making an impact in its bid to improve media standards and satisfy local demand.
30 September 2019

Around the Bloc – 30 September
Regional news roundup: Russian protesters; Turkey and Bosnia; Poles in Belarus; smoking in Russia; and a village in Armenia.

Dig Deeper in Disinformation Debate
After half a decade building its reputation as a leader in analyzing and countering disinformation, the Czech Republic must consider new sources and forms of the phenomenon.
27 September 2019

Around the Bloc – 27 September
In the news: Russia and NATO; Albania, North Macedonia, and the EU; Ursula von der Leyen’s commissioners; Armenia, Iran and the U.S.; and Polish coal.

Around the Bloc – 26 September
Regional roundup: Minsk and Moscow; polygamy in Russia; a new IMF head; money laundering in Estonia; and giant structures in ancient Ukraine.

Liberal Overreach and the Misinterpretation of 1989
Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Europe finds itself in crisis again. From the German Marshall Fund.

25 September

A Slippery Slope
In promising to protect the prime minister from domestic prosecution, President Milos Zeman could be moving his country closer to Poland or Hungary.
25 September 2019

The Drama of the Polish Outsider
The inner discord between belonging and non-belonging has been the germ of many outstanding artistic achievements by authors who feel part of Polish culture.
24 September 2019

Around the Bloc – 24 September
News highlights: Russia’s Olympic nightmare; Serbia’s unwelcome patriarch; tourism in Uzbekistan; Holocaust remembrance in Lithuania; and the Russian-Estonian border.


Tobacco and Tomfoolery
There are lots of ways to improve the lives of ordinary Russians. Recent anti-tobacco proposals are not among them.
27 September 2012

The Disinformation Conundrum
Despite expectations, fake news appears to have played a relatively minor role during the recent Czech presidential elections. But that doesn’t mean the popularity of such “alternative” sites should be ignored or the reasons why so many Czechs are willing to take the bait.
28 March 2018

What Eastern European Film Fans are Watching This Summer
New and notable summer films from Russia, Romania, Serbia, Poland, and the Czech Republic.
2 August 2011

Cooking the Books
The new oil and gas deals with Russia will undermine the foundations of Belarus’ economic success.
22 January 2007