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Divide and Conquer

New research indicates that the Hungarian government’s attempts to implant its messages among diaspora communities have been paying off.

Taking Stock

Moldovan President Maia Sandu, one of the leading liberal, pro-Western voices in Eastern Europe, just finished up her first year in office. From Ziarul de Garda.

Fomenting Friction

Media play a role in the continuing strife that threatens to widen rifts in Bosnian society.

Around the Bloc: Serbia Cancels Plans for Rio Tinto Lithium Mine; Poland Set to Lose Millions in EU Funds Over Brussels Disputes

Belgrade Renounces Mining Project After Months of Protests. Warsaw to Pay Hefty Fines Over Turow Mine, Judicial Issues.

Roma Slavery: From Recognition to Reconciliation

Understanding between Roma and non-Roma can only happen when both sides acknowledge and take responsibility for a painful past. From DoR.

Delia Grigore, an ethnologist and anthropologist, heads the Amare Rromentza Roma Center in Romania. This essay is part of The Habit of the Land, a DoR series about the imprint of slavery on Roma-Romanian relations curated by Magda Matache, director of Harvard University’s Roma Studies Program and a Roma rights activist.