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Czech City Eases Burden on Migrants

Without fanfare, Brno is helping foreigners make their way through the bureaucratic maze.

The Legacy of Jan Kuciak

Three years after a journalist who knew too much paid with his life, the wheels of justice are starting to turn in Slovakia.

A Debacle for Beijing?

China’s efforts to woo Central and Eastern Europe seem to have taken a blow with the lack of fanfare around the 17+1 online summit. 

Integration Starts in the Village

A network of education centers run by young people for young people is helping demolish barriers facing ethnic Azeris in Georgian society. 

Will Tourism Save One of Turkey’s Last Shamanic Villages?

Locals are split whether more visitors would benefit an endangered culture.

Victor Orban Finally Ousts the Zebra

The last independent radio station in Hungary loses its license. From Respekt.

COVID News Advisory: Trust, but Verify

The Western Balkans were infected with fake news and misinformation about health issues long before the pandemic struck.

Overground Music

A Romanian artistic management company transitioned to a new business model in a time when physical concerts were impossible.