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ANNOUNCEMENT: Foreign Correspondent Training Course: Going on Assignment in Prague

Date: July 11, 2020 – July 26, 2020

Whether your dream is to work as a journalist parachuting into foreign lands, or as an activist, advocating for resolutions to global issues, our foreign reporting course will prepare you for whatever lays ahead. Not only will you learn the tips of the trade directly from working foreign correspondents, you will pursue an actual story on the streets of Prague.

If you have a passion for this line of work and want to acquire some practical skills, join us for this foreign reporting course in July 2020!

Around the Bloc – 6 January
In the news: Croatia’s president-elect; Russia weighs in on climate
change; Azerbaijani anti-corruption blogger allegedly beaten; a first
verdict in Kuciak murder trial; and Moldova on the tennis court.

Around the Bloc – 3 January
Today’s news roundup: Russia cuts off oil to Belarus; row over
Montenegro’s religion law widens; Russia deploys fastest-ever
missile; Belarusian cold case reopens; and a fight between Balkan

Around the Bloc – 2 January
Today’s regional news: Reflections on Putin’s career; an anguishing
prisoner swap; more legal trouble for Hungary’s MOL; Sputnik out of
Estonia; and Polish education policy.

Balkan Eye: B for Boris, Brexit, and Bulgaria
In a barrage of uncertainty about Britain’s EU exit, can Bulgaria put its
hopes in history or will circumstances separate the two countries again?
By BOYKO VASSILEV, 19 December 2019

Around the Bloc – 19 December
Regional highlights: politics and protests in Kazakhstan; slander in Albania;
Romanian orphans; Russia, Ukraine, and Crimea; and the Armenian genocide revisited.

Media: Gaming Disinformation
Czech university students launched a popular game to teach
critical thinking and nearly won a prestigious Facebook prize
along the way. By Lachlan Hyatt, 18 December 2019

Around the Bloc – 18 December
TOL’s regional news roundup: Poland and the EU; a U.S.
ambassador to Ukraine; gifts for Yerevan; a record-breaking
Latvian movie; and a Ukrainian football player in Spain.

People: Selly Supreme
Selly is 18 years old, he has more than 2 million fans on YouTube, and
lots of Romanian teenagers want to be like him. This is how he got there.
From Decat o Revista. By Irina Tacu, 17 December 2019

Around the Bloc – 17 December
Today’s regional roundup: Ukraine deports Azerbaijani blogger; an
Estonian blunder; Visegrad mayors unite for progressive causes; racism
and the Russian ballet; and a Ded Moroz convention.


Books: A Catalogue of Errors
A new encyclopedia on the wars in the former Yugoslavia is riddled with errors. By Neven Andjelic, 11 January 2000

Caucasus: Speechless in Baku
TOL Talk: As Azerbaijan goes to the polls, freedom of expression takes a beating. By Barbara Frye, 4 November 2010

Environment: Unquiet Flows the Danube
On the lower Danube, some Romanians are climbing aboard the
tourism wagon, while others sing the Delta blues.
By Barbara Frye, 22 December 2004

Politics: Putin’s Y2024 Problem
Whoever is chosen, the Kremlin will need to come up with a powerful
narrative to convince people that it is time for Putin to leave – and
that his successor is up to the job.
By Peter Rutland, 13 November 2019