New at ToL & Solutions Journalism Train-the-Trainers Launch

LGBT Fans of Turkey’s Conservative Government
Some of Turkey’s LGBT people are seeking support for their embattled community in an unlikely place – the conservative ruling Justice and Development Party.
11 November 2019

Around the Bloc – 11 November
In the news today: Romanian presidential elections; transgender baptism in Montenegro; a Czech heroine; Russian robot companions; and racism in Ukrainian football.

Around the Bloc – 8 NovemberHeadlines from around the region: Serbia to buy Russian arms; investigative journalists in Kyrgyzstan; a possible spy swap; and Russia cracks down on human rights NGOs.

The Hidden History of a Jewish Family in Odessa
The Ephrussis’ Russian story was a classic tale of early modern capitalists – but well before their peers. From openDemocracy.
8 November 2019

Around the Bloc – 7 November
Regional news highlights: the return of Serzh Sargsyan; a
Bulgarian spy story; activists on trial in Kazakhstan; a mass
shooting at a Russian army base; and Cypriot passports. 

Around the Bloc – 6 November
TOL’s regional news roundup: Tajik-Uzbek border attack;
Romania’s new government; Poland’s judges; unrest in Belgrade;
and Orthodox politics.

— Announcement: The Solutions Journalism Network is launching its very first Solutions Journalism Train-the-Trainers. It will happen on December 7&8 in Prague, right after the What’s Working conference. Over 1.5 days, Samantha McCann (VP of Practice Change at SJN) and Nina Fasciaux (SJN manager, Europe) will work with journalists and journalism trainers to share best practices in teaching solutions journalism. We’ll kick off with the official solutions journalism training. We’ll then dissect the training they just received, and explore how to teach what solutions journalism is, why it matters, and how to do it according to their local context and work. We’ll dig into the four criteria, case studies of best practices, and engaging exercises that will help them teach journalists and newsrooms to engage deeply around and embrace the practice. More information can be found here.

Arts & Culture: To the Bloodlands and Back Again
In stripped-down language, The Painted Bird delivers a message of hope
amid catastrophe, but director Vaclav Marhoul warns that it could all happen again.
By Ky Krauthamer 5 November 2019

Around the Bloc – 5 November
News roundup: Russian interference in UK politics; a corruption trial in Latvia; a new Freedom House report on internet freedom; change looms in
Uzbekistan; and Romanians rally for forests.


Moscow Looks to Build Internet Wall
Russia may temporarily disconnect the country from the internet.
12 February 2019

Unusual Suspects
The director’s efforts to follow her characters for years ultimately
pay off in another riveting documentary from Helena Trestikova.
10 May 2010

After Soul Searching, Bulgaria Rejects Ousting Russian Diplomats
PM Borisov, who leads a government with several pro-Russian members, says as holder of EU presidency Sofia should remain above the fray.
30 March 2018

Russia to Step Up Arctic Development
While Putin talks energy projects and security in the far north, Deputy PM Rogozin promises to protect its fragile environment.
30 March 2017