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Politics: Abkhazian History in a Nutshell
Last weekend’s elections saw a familiar crew jostling for the top job in a territory which has thrown off most traces of Georgian control.
29 August

News: Around the Bloc – 29 August
News from TOL’s coverage region: German teens in Romania; generation gap in Kazakhstan; Moscow City skyscrapers; Sarajevo cemeteries; and the fall of an Armenian businessman.
29 August

Economy & Business: Polish Non-Profit Takes on Social Media Giant on Home Ground
A Warsaw court has made an interim ruling in what could become a test case both for censorship on private-sector platforms and for suing social media giants in a complainant’s home country.
28 August 2019

News: Around the Bloc – 28 August
In the news today: a posthumous victory for Sergei Magnitsky; Ukraine’s electoral code; a Chechen murder in Berlin; a (lucky) tank in Belgrade; and Mongolian fashion.
28 August 2019  

News: Around the Bloc – 27 August
Regional highlights: controversial wartime celebrations; Uzbekistan and Afghanistan; a new-old Chisinau synagogue; a Russian humanoid robot; and Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko.
27 August 2019

People: The Long Walk
Videoblogging shaman walks to Moscow to ‘exorcise’ Putin, and expects to reach the Kremlin by 2021. From Global Voices.
26 August

News: Around the Bloc – 26 August
Today’s regional highlights: Russian mercenaries; Tskhinvali’s Jewish Quarter; new markets for Tesla; hospitality in Albania; and three Russian sisters on trial.
26 August

Media: Not New – Not True – How Could You?!
Serbia’s president, Aleksandar Vucic, has come out fighting against a report covering press freedom in Serbia, without addressing accusations that others are doing some of the fighting for him.
23 August 2019  

News: Around the Bloc – 23 August
In the news today: Minsk eyes U.S. oil; Budapest’s Russian-led bank; hard lives of Ukrainian IDPs; lightning kills in the Tatras; and Kosovo goes to the polls.
23 August 2019


A War for Hearts and Minds
Almost 10 years on from the 2008 war, Georgian civil society – both informal and formal – is increasingly engaging in the country’s breakaway territories. From openDemocracy.  
3 July 2018

Central Asians Abducted in Russia, Macedonia Ends Criminal Libel 
Plus, a Russian anti-drug crusader says authorities are out to get him, and Czech presidential candidates could be derailed by fraudulent signatures. 
15 November 2012

Still a Mystery: The Tunguska Explosion  
Most scientists believe that “the most powerful explosion in documented history,” as the BBC put it, was caused by a meteor or a comet. All agree it left part of Siberia a wasteland.  
12 July 2016

Croatia Developing ‘World’s Fastest’ Electric Car
Elon Musk, eat your heart out – carmaker Rimac’s ‘Concept_One’ is ready to roll.
26 February 2016


The Power of Storytelling 
One-of-a-kind event in Eastern Europe, taking place in Bucharest on 18-19 October, with 16 superstar speakers from different fields – from media to science, and from art to business.
The event will touch on the power of stories to mend the world and patch our collective wounds. Join for inspiration and craft insights on how we can all become better storytellers.Find out more and book your place: