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The Power of Storytelling 
One-of-a-kind event in Eastern Europe, taking place in Bucharest on 18-19 October, with 16 superstar speakers from different fields – from media to science, and from art to business.
The event will touch on the power of stories to mend the world and patch our collective wounds. Join for inspiration and craft insights on how we can all become better storytellers.Find out more and book your place:

News: Around the Bloc – 22 August
Today’s regional roundup: CEE citizens against Brexit; Central Asian currency crunch; Georgian TV turmoil; Polish official resigns; and Serbia mulls joining Eurasian trade zone.
22 August 2019 

Media: North Macedonia’s Epidemic of Political Disinformation
The country’s fake news farms cut their teeth promoting Donald Trump’s campaign. Then domestic political interests muscled in. Next in a series on disinformation in the Balkans.
21 August 2019 

News: Around the Bloc – 21 August
In the news today: Explaining the Russian mystery blast; Romanian leader gets thumbs-up from Trump; Bosnian government talks; Havel’s widow vs. tabloid; and a Russian oligarch scores from downtown.
21 August 2019

Economy & Business: Bulgaria’s Pig Problems Lie Buried
Following measures to combat African swine fever, a miasma hangs over the country, foreshadowing future calamity.
20 August 2019 

Column: Pigs and Pestilence
A virus tests an old Bulgarian custom and a Balkan social norm.
20 August 2019

News: Around the Bloc – 20 August
News highlights from our coverage region: A Serbian crime drama; Ukraine to buy Romanian gas; Central Asian carmakers; commemorating the Baltic Way; and can Visegrad countries dodge the German disease?
20 August 2019

Columns: Divided We Fall … For Disinformation
Europeans divided by domestic interests and “national” approaches to European issues are vulnerable to manipulative messages.
19 August 2019

News: Around the Bloc – 19 August
A practical approach to the problem of statelessness, pioneered in Kyrgyzstan, offers hope across Central Asia.
19 August 2019

Media: Beware the Creature From the Fake News Lagoon
A hoax sparks debate on truth and lies in the Montenegrin media. Next in a series on disinformation in the Balkans.
16 August 2019

News: Around the Bloc – 16 August
TOL’s regional roundup: Russian submarines; Mongolian cashmere; Metallica and Romania; a Czech student animation; and East Germans in Bulgaria.
16 August 2019


The Mixed Legacy of NATO’s War Against Serbia
The 1999 bombing campaign brought an end to Milosevic’s brutal rule in Kosovo, at a high cost in human life.
25 March 2019 

The Agreement Over Macedonia’s Name Is a Glimmer of Hope in Europe 
Now that the country has signed its NATO accession agreement and officially changed its name, the United States, among others, should step up to the plate and boost support.
13 February 2019

Staging Stalinism
The revival of a play about Hungarian communists brings to the forefront questions that are as pressing in modern-day Hungary as they were in 20th century Europe.
6 December 2018

Bosnian Fake News Fighters Take Heart
Knowing your foe is the first step in a campaign strategy, as a new study reveals. First in a series on disinformation in the Balkans.
18 July 2019