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Environment: Beetlemania in the Heart of Europe
Czech forests are dying at such a rate that the landscape could soon be altered beyond recognition.
5 August 2019

News: Around the Bloc – 5 AugustToday’s regional roundup: Moscow weekend protests continue; high-placed heads roll in Romania; Chinese and Serbians; Vaira Vike-Freiberga; and the Rogun dam.
5 August 2019

Society: Russia’s LGBTQ+ Community Reels After Murder of Activist Yelena Grigoryeva
The St Petersburg activist’s name recently appeared on a homophobic hit-list. From Global Voices.
2 August 2019 

News: Around the Bloc – 2 August
In the news today: U.S. and Russia; the Albanian National Theater; another death sentence in Belarus; a new electoral system in Moldova; and a Russian actor goes to jail for his art.
2 August 2019 

Society: No Support for Refugees in Turkey’s Bolu
Mayor who cut municipal aid to refugees rides a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment.
1 August 2019

Economy & Business: Cold War in Cyberspace
Western military hackers have penetrated Russian targets, from tech giants to the nationwide power grid, reports say.
31 July 2019 

News: Around the Bloc – 31 July
Regional highlights: Chernobyl and Lithuania; politics in Kosovo; money for Hungarian parents; the UN reprimands Russia; and a new look for Wolf’s Lair.
31 July 2019 

Column: No Rest for the Weary
The white heat of competition is keeping Poland politically mobilized, right through the traditional summer doldrums.
30 July 2019 

News: Around the Bloc – 30 July
TOL’s regional roundup: NATO, Russia hold war games in the Caucasus; poor Russians; Mongolian snow leopards; Moldovan politics; and a hydropower rush in Serbia.
30 July 2019 

News: Around the Bloc – 1 August
Regional round-up: Siberian wildfires spread; Istanbul Convention in Armenia; Ukrainian pets and wild animals; U.S. jets for Bulgaria; and constructions in Uzbekistan.
1 August 2019


Hacker Admits Aiding Russian Agents in Yahoo Breach
One of two FSB agents indicted by the U.S. in the same case may have been playing a double game.
1 December 2017

Russia Prepares for Baltic Energy Exit
The three Baltic states are moving forward with a plan to leave the Soviet-era energy grid.
3 January 2019

Ukraine’s Tycoons Are Greedy for Green
One of Europe’s poorest countries rewards renewable power producers with some of the highest subsidies in the world.
14 May 2019

Dying to Be Heard  
A gay activist’s suicide shines a rare spotlight on the difficult lives of sexual minorities in Azerbaijan.
5 February 2014