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Trends of Visegrad European Policy

The objective of the “Trends of Visegrad European Policy” project is to identify the views held on EU-related policy issues by those that design, influence, and implement this policy. It seeks to compare the views of foreign- and EU-policy communities in Visegrad countries.

Respondents (mainly civil servants, politicians, researchers/analysts and journalists) answered 22 questions regarding bilateral partnerships of the V4 states in the EU, EU membership and institutions, key EU policy issues, future of the European integration, EU external affairs as well as the Visegrad Group.

The results of the research are available in three forms:

MapInfluenCE Biweekly Briefing – Taiwan and Central Europe, Hungarian Opposition Leader on China and Russia, Moscow’s Use of History Weapon

In this newsletter, we cover the visit of the Taiwanese delegation in Czechia and Slovakia, the views of the new Hungarian opposition leader on China and Russia, the growth of AliExpress in Poland, and Russia’s instrumentalization of historical memory.

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