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Environment: Mining Dispute Threatens Armenia’s Post-Revolutionary Political Consensus
The controversy pits the grassroots activists who brought a reformist government to power against foreign investors who promise the economic growth Armenia needs. From Eurasianet.
26 July 2018

Around the Bloc: EU Court Issues Stinging Rebuke to Polish Justice
Ruling widens rift over Warsaw’s moves to increase control over a judiciary it claims is in dire need of a purge.
26 July 2018

Around the Bloc: Russia in Rare Admission of Prison Abuses
In latest incident, a prison officer has been sacked after an inmate died of apparent suffocation.
25 July 2018

Around the Bloc: Albania in Search of Honest JudgesAfter years of prodding by its Western partners, Tirana agreed to vet legal professionals. The results are worrying.
25 July 2018

Around the Bloc: Foes Snipe at Macedonia Name Deal
Athens accuses Moscow of using its proxies in Greece to kill the “North Macedonia” agreement.
25 July 2018

Around the Bloc: Dodik’s Pre-October Election SurpriseBosnia’s Serb entity could find itself on the verge of rejecting Serb responsibility for the 1995 massacre at Srebrenica.
24 July 2018 

Around the Bloc: Russian Night Wolves Settle Down in SlovakiaSlovaks are asking how a Russian biker club close to Vladimir Putin was able to open a branch in their country in a compound shared with a paramilitary group.
24 July 2018

Politics: Green Light for Putin?
U.S. President Donald Trump’s siding with Russia at the Helsinki summit could spell bad news for Central Europe and the Balkans, where Moscow’s influence is already conspicuous.
24 July 2018


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Albania Busts Human Smuggling Ring Clients paid up to $30,000 for fake documents and travel to the U.S. and Canada.20 March 2018

Russia Jails Estonian for Espionage
Estonia has accused or convicted a half-dozen people of spying for Russia since 2015, and now Moscow follows suit.
12 December 2017