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Around the Bloc: Romanians Rally Against Anti-Fraud Squad
Ruling party calls demonstration against agency it claims has tarnished the country’s reputation with witch-hunt tactics.
11 June 2018 

Around the Bloc: Kazakhstan Presses China for ‘Urgent’ Answers on Detained MuslimsMore details and tales of harsh treatment in Xinjiang’s internment camps leak out, as Beijing keeps silence.
11 June 2018

Around the Bloc: Balkan Countries Cooperate for Better Migration Control
The numbers of asylum seekers are rising in the region but remain far below the 2015-16 peak.
11 June 2018

Conflict & Diplomacy: ‘Hungary Is a Post-Truth Laboratory’
In an interview, prominent Hungarian political scientist Peter Kreko talks about fake news, Hungarian-style, the anti-Soros campaign, Hungarian-American relations, and more. From VSquare.
8 June 2018 

Around the Bloc: Montenegro Public Broadcaster Sacks Director
The EU and the U.S. join local journalists, activists in condemning the move, seen as an attempt by ruling party to stifle editorial independence.
8 June 2018

People: Tajikistan: No Laughing Matter as Comedian Journalist Goes on Trial
Mirsaidov was swiftly arrested after complaining to the president about corruption. From Eurasianet.
8 June 2018

 Montenegro Under Fire Over ProtestsOSCE urges investigation into arrest of two journalists covering demonstrations, calls for calm. 
19 October 2015

Bosnia Asks for Help with Rising Migrant NumbersOverall, the number of migrants transiting the Balkans is down sharply, although traffickers are blazing new trails in the region.29 March 2018